3 Super Foods Everyone Should Eat

Going out to eat does not need to send you in a frenzy, especially once you know how to find super foods on a restaurant menu. Regardless of if you are trying to grab something fast or enjoy a sit down meal with family and friends, once you figure out how to find super foods on a restaurant menu you will be able to enjoy your dining experience every time.

Look for meals that use fresh veggies such as a salad. Just remember to go light on the salad dressing because this is where a lot of fat and calories can ruin a sensible meal. The vegetables will provide your body with necessary nutrients and minerals as well as help you trim your waste line.

If you love beef or chicken, then you may want to consider opting for Salmon or Cod instead. These dishes offer Omega 3 fatty acids which are needed for optimal brain functioning and health. A side of steamed vegetables would be ideal with this course, because you will get an added boost of vitamins and minerals with your meal.

When you are eating a meal from a fast food restaurant, try to avoid fried foods. Basically every food chain has adapted their menu to offer a healthy choice when it comes to eating. Just look for grilled chicken, burritos with rice and beans, or stir fry bowls. These meals will not only cut your calorie intake, but they will leave you feeling full as well as energized versus bloated and gassy.

When you are ordering your food, remember to take your time and opt for foods that will benefit you versus leaving you feeling stuffed. When you eat super foods you are left with a sense of energy and satiation. However, when you indulge in the menu items that offer very little health benefits, you will always feel a bit sluggish after your meal.